Be Unique

A HUGE Congrats to #SamPerry who was not afraid to be unique with his approach compared to other performers on the show. Some complained that he was not singing. LOL, look at the mic and all the voices, sounds are his. He won, you lost – boo hoo!

How does this relate to websites, online businesses?

Simple, too many are copy cats and even have the same wording. Google will credit the original website wording so if you copy another site it’s not going to be good for you very long. Don’t copy.. take a moment, think and make something unique. Even just a little personal time in editing the words you copied.

Success Is Unique

Websites are not like brick and mortar businesses with physical locations. You really need to stand out and for all the right reasons. Mistakes, they can bring your search results down and quickly!

Listen To Your Visitors

How do you listen to your visitors you ask?
Add live a live chat bot to your website or at least review your website traffic details. If your host does not provide, you need a new host.

Can You Help Me

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