Featured Website Project:

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

What an honor it is for any business to have a long term, repeat client that also spreads the word to others that seek website projects. The project today is great one and for wonderful people that work and also attend the AMBC which is a great church located in Illinois. This is a very special case as the original website was sold to them back in 2004, flash and simply outdated nowadays as the internet evolves everyone including charities need new websites .. eventually.

We’ve had a long standing policy since day one of our business to provide 50% discount on all labor to churches and the like. We can not afford to give away websites, hosting, domain names but we can certainly do our part to help those that help others.

I’d like to personally thank: Earma Taylor for being such a great client and for believing in my business as she was one of the clients we gained during our 1st year of business!

Also, Happy International Woman’s Day to you and all other woman on this planet :)

~ Snerdey

And now, with a great sense of pride I’m again honored to present to you the new and improved AMBC Website

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