There really is a method to the madness and it does not have to be expensive.

Hi, my name is Scott and most know me as Snerdey from since about 16 years now. Snerdey is simply my nickname from my days at AOL before 9-11. That in itself was a lifechaning horrible time in history for most of us. I’ve been through more in my lifetime that I’d care to speak about as it’s not the point of this post today. Just, if your interested in making a difference in your business goals from self employed, do it yourself or DIY hobbies I can help you in regards to just about anything to do with your web presence.

Moving on..

KISS or K.I.S.S. is all about “Keep It Simple Stupid” and that’s not my phrase or anything, not even sure who said that 1st in the world. I did however attend my 1st rock concert in Austin, Texas and yep.. it was KISS! Wow, great amazing memories!


This is a balance act and you should use the following formula before you start advertising to the public your website. This is mostly about having your own website but it can apply to your affiliate link or special link, whatever your trying to promote.

My link is…

Anyone making sales online is using a link. Most popular is to have your own website. There are also those who don’t require or not the budget, knowhow or the time to maintain a website properly. Before you send traffic to your website make sure of these simple things…

1. Does it work?
2. Is this the correct URL?
3. How long does it take my website to open?
4. How does it look on a cell phone etc.?
5. Is that contact form working?
6. There’s lots to check, just depends on your site.

Overall, you have only seconds to get someone to stay on your site more than 1 minute. Then, you can’t even count those as so many keep tabs open all day long, days and never talk to you. Like virtual sticky notes, then one day their electic hickups or forget why they even had your site open.

What’s the fix?

a. Use GTmetrix to check your website.
b. Fix whatever you can to make the score at least A – A
c. No, 100% is not vital
d. Get some outside testers, feedback.
e. Does your website suck?

When you’re sure that all’s going correctly. You need to consider visitor automation. Are you able to answer a contact within seconds all day long and night? How about chatbots? Little fake humans to help organize your traffic, FAQ etc.. even orders.

Here’s an ad I put together just moments ago. It made me think to blog about it. Then I noticed I have not blogged on my own website in 2 years. Guilty as charged! Sorry, like the plumber everyone’s home is great but his! I’ve simply been focused on client projects some of which have been massive and months into the work.

Check out the ad, I’ve got a GM in the RGV of Texas that does CSR work, training and sales in the South Texas area as well as the coastline. I created this ad just for him and his routes / area.

Marketing KISS Method

If your not using a website and have an affiliate link. You should consider creating your own website with details of your offer and then link to your affiliate link. It’s best to protect that link using a dedicated redirect page via your domain so nobody can switch your link with theirs. There are lots of crooks out there! 

I could write forever about all the different methods but this is a blog post that’s said enough already. If you want your website to work for you, then you need someone working that website!

Let’s talk about your project!