PHP Custom Coding

When you think about it some websites really have a lot of outdated, incorrect and even missing coding. Especially when it comes to HTML, CSS in regards to style changes and functionality. Today, we’re all about Custom PHP Coding and how to make sure your website does not have negative impact codes or mistakes.

Typical WordPress Website

We’re going to focus on WP Themes as it is the majority in-use website powered by CMS on the market today. Problem with any WordPress Themes or plugin for that matter is how outdated it is? Is the product updated, maintained and most of all supported? Custom PHP coding is the universal language even within HTML websites can have PHP codes, scripts etc.. etc.. The main issue is too many times themes go unsupported, not updated and fall out of sync with the ongoing WordPress Software Updates. While WordPress and the main core updates are free the actual updates can and have broken websites. Then your left with having to repair, replace the theme or plugin.

You Need A Good PHP Coder

In our 15 years of experience we find there are many who know or understand PHP. Those who offer custom php coding also have a commonality, they come and go or they are too busy even over priced with poor or no real support. However, good custom php coders exist, they are just hard to find. We’ve worked with the best and they still work on projects with us today!

PHP Career

Looking for a career, or want to help someone with future life goals? Help them obtain complete PHP school. It’s great pay and they should continue to expand their knowledge as they are in high demand. Most actually turn out to become self employed ;)

The Do It Myself Web Designer

Not knocking this at all, matter of fact it is how most begin to learn about coding is their 1st website project including ourselves! There are lots of how to videos online, tutorials as well as the support that is provided. One can learn how to edit a website using WordPress, but when it comes to modify the coding it’s best left to the professionals. In other words, it can however be expensive, but it does not have to be.

Do you need help with your website, trying to figure out how to move a line to the left or right? Have too much space between your content or need assistance to get you past a spinning the wheels point in your project? We know all about that and ready to assist you.

Reach out to us.

Happy Coding!