Social Media

To us, Social Media advertising works best as it is one of the easiest ways to start promoting your online presence for little or no money. We here at Snerdey Web Designs have experienced amazing results with our combined efforts. It’s one thing to create lots of accounts, profiles, about us, photos, details and obtaining likes from friends and those in your contact list.

What’s The Problem?

Too many times social media is a one way street. Like us, Share or Tell Your Friends! A few will react to those request instantly with a like.. why not? It’ free to do it! Then after some time has passed, maybe 2 – 3 days one begins to question themselves is this working? Why not sales or whatever goal is and move to something else. We know this feeling. Then all the sudden someone comments “at” a friend. Then your 1st reaction is to like and also follow this individual who commented. Best to check out who they tagged and most should send a connection request.

All that is good but not if you do mot reply, follow up or worse not answer the phone, live chat or worse ignore a message or email.

Best Practice

Keep an eye on your spam box, leads or yourself can fall into there. Another good idea is to make sure to inform people your hours of operation, how to contact but most of all it is your reaction that makes the difference.

People Shop

They actually love to shop but not so much when it comes to websites. It’s not same as shopping for new bike or car but can cost as much as a new home! Don’t rush people, control the overselling and most of all listen, listen closely and if the project is not for you.. help them find someone or some business you know of so your remembered in a positive way. Treat others how you want to be treated. Pay attention to detail but most of all communicate. Try to reply within 1 business day, but if your selling you should respond within moments.

Did you know that can help you setup a live chat team, social media department or even handle your live chat or social media needs? Let’s talk about it.. we’re all over it!

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