Webmaster Forum

Today, I’m sharing with you something special and dear to my heart. As webmasters, newbies and even established businesses we seek advice from others, feedback and help each other. When I 1st started out I joined the forum www.v7n.com thinking I’d promote my business while helping others as you get a signature in your replies etc. Well, back then I did not read the rules. Almost got banned but a few reached out and helped me understand the rules of the road.

Self Promotion

Of course you can promote your online website etc.. you just need to do it correctly and in the right threads with this vast river of information within the webmaster forum.

Valuable Information

There really is A LOT of valuable information that you can search from as it’s over a decades worth and more. Some really great people run the show, admins and mentors. Some of the original people moved on with their lives, changed careers and some we also lost..

RIP Derck my brother from another mother…

Forum Rules

It’s good to have rules and others keeping them enforced otherwise it would become a spam house. Once I started playing by the rules somehow my replies got the attention of someone with power and I became a mentor. Really enjoy helping others. Even myself have been through changes. A few years ago while still self employed I landed a full time career with my supplier. Currently, I’m still the #2 affiliate in the USA and #4 worldwide out of 100,000’s of 1,000’s of affiliates.

Calling All Marketers and Affiliates

I’m always actively looking for more people to join my affiliate team and others as well. If you looking to hire or sub out work this forum is a great place to start the buzz.

Come.. join us over at v7n.com

Take care and follow the roads to success!