Why Snerdey?

Easy, I’ve been in customer service, sales and support since I was 7 years old. You learn a lot mowing other peoples lawns.. trust me! Also, I’ve tried to work for about 40 other places, 7 in one month as I just could not fit in even at Fortune 500 corporate careers.

After 9-11 decided to pack up, move my family back home to Texas. It was time to figure out how to work from home and ASAP. Tested over 300 affiliate programs, etc.. and found one to pay me the most for my efforts!

Been affiliated with TemplateMonster.com since 2004. Even worked directly with them for 6 years as the Director of Sales with record results. Times change, things change and decided to return to remote work at home and stop the traveling all over the globe.

Good news is I’m still the #4 affiliate out of 100,000’s of thousands worldwide. Even better, I’m #2 rank in USA and dam proud of that fact! How’d you like to join me and others as an affiliate?


It was my nickname while I was working at AOL and still my screen name today as well as my Skype .. hint’ hint!

Why select my services over the big guys?

Personal 1 on 1 support as I only take on so many projects a month that I do myself and partner with others on things more cutting edge than this 53 year old web guru. But, don’t let that fool you as inside I’m still 17 as I refuse to grow up. Guess it’s cause I started working at such a young age.

Wanna know what I did with all that lawn mowing money?

Took my friends to the movies each a popcorn and coke! Provided food and helped the elderly in our neighborhood. But, mostly.. yeah, I love going to the movies and back in those day it was 0.25 for ticket! Later on in life, I fell in love with going to the Drive-In Theater!
Free Consultations

I want you to make the best choice for your project, Even if you do not select my services.. We’re here if you ever change your mind.