This is simply the best out of box cache plugin I’ve ever used to improve WordPress speed. Soon as it was installed and activated the basic options increased the speed many times over. Overall it also improved speed test results to green or A+ score.

Free or Premium

There are two options as one is Free and other is Premium. Found the free version to be a perfect for my needs. While checking out all the free options there were some that were not clear. Was not sure if I should activate or use them in different combinations. The plugin itself contains basic instruction but not all details. Took a few moments to searched the web for reviews and found one by WP Johnny who wrote not only a review but also an Unofficial Guide to using the plugin.

When if comes to WordPress speed it can be mixed results. Increase your WordPress speed with Swift Performance Lite plugin.

You can find the unofficial guide here.

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Check your website speed using these websites, there are others but we find these do the job and they are free too!
Google Speed Test | GT Metrix | How to Speed Up WordPress in 2019

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