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Custom Web Developer 

Worldwide Sales & Support Est. 2004

Custom Web Developer 

Worldwide Sales & Support Est. 2004


JCustom does not always translate into expensive. The main goal of most websites that are out on the web today is to get your attention. It’s what they do with that attention within the first few moments that matters the most!

Loading times, apps, perfect scores on speed test etc.. All that does not mean anything if you do not gain the clients interest or Trust as 1st impression is still everything!

Creating websites from scratch, modify themes or even a makeover of your existing website. Prices are simply based on the project. Not your wallet. Think about this for a moment. How much do you pay for your car, what’s the ROI on that thing?



It’s my old user name from my years with AOL before 9-11 attack. Created my own business providing hosting, and web design in 2004.

People make websites for all kinds of reasons. Researching the domain name, company name, logo etc.. for me. I just searched the web for “Snerdey” and found zero results.

This makes it real easy for me to see the results of my efforts. Now, over 40,000 results and counting.

Not everyone can spend $3k and up for a web site. Best is to plan the website in stages making it more affordable. Then to reinvest on the road to success.

Great service and brain power!

I really enjoy working with The team is absolutely excellent, both in their technical knowledge and in their customer service.

Overhauling the entire website is a huge project, and this team has been prompt and professional throughout the entire endeavor. I’m very happy with the result, and I highly recommend them.

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This guy really knows his stuff and…

This guy really knows his stuff and could fix any issue that I had quickly. I would highly recommend him for any web project and he was willing to go above and beyond to help me. Keep up the good work.


Trust Pilot Reviews

I have finally found a professional reliable developer I can stick with (part 1)

I have gone through 4 or 5 different developers over the last 10 years. The problem is that they are responsive at first but then once they have your business, they become less enthusiastic – especially if they are busy with new clients. Then I came across Snerdey.

1. They thoroughly address every item
2. They understand exactly what i want

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Part 2

3. Their technical expertise is top notch. Typically, my past developers would use inefficient workarounds when they weren’t knowledgeable of the technology needed. Snerdey demonstrates to me every time that their engineers are fully competent with any technology needed.

4. I have found that Snerdey has a wide range of specialists. Again, they don’t do workarounds by trying to get their best person to fit my request. They get a fully qualified specialist that knows what they’re doing and if they don’t have one, they’re straight forward about it.

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Trust Pilot Reviews

Part 3

5. Finally, Snerdey is fair. As a consultant, I appreciate this. If there are any shortcomings on their side, they tend to adjust the bill or work out a fair arrangement.

In summary, Snerdey focuses on customer satisfaction. They check back with me and make sure everything is going well and as expected. I’m glad I found Snerdey and no longer have to search for developers.

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Est. 2004








There’s really no limit to design options, platforms to create a site. If the budget does not allow for fully custom setup then start with the Website Bundle Deal.

Then upgrade later when needed. Too many times I see clients put in a great expense only to fail. Stop the waste, get it done in steps towards the goal of success! 

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My wife is not able to bare child. We go to children’s homes each year two weeks before Christmas. Pass out pencils, paper and ask the little ones to write Santa what they would like to have under the tree. We then return with whatever they asked. Some asked for pen and paper, some a doll while others new shoes or even a new baseball cap. They ask for the smallest things knowing they could ask for anything.

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