Automated Sales Bot

Here’s how I do my website promotions. Keep this secret! LOL

1st thing you need to think about is what you really need from your website. Most will say “sales” and that’s really most that are reading this post now. Thank you for being here, I won’t waste your time as I tend to keep my post short and to the point. But you know we have to have at least 300 words and a couple of links as well as an image in the post. Not to mention, alt tag, assign a category and even attach hashtags to this article.

How I Do It

1. I write a simple blog post with seo based on Lead Generation Bot

Lead Generation Bot

2. Then Tweet it using # tags that relate to it.

I also monitor the Tweet for a couple days, see who retweeted, liked, followed etc and connect with them if match. This is still Automated Social Media as the #hashtags are working for you. But you do not want to auto follow back you need to remain focused on the topic is best practice.

3. Then I post it in my Instagram with # tags as well

Ditto on the monitoring.

Automated Sales Bot Next Steps

4. Now, I go and create a Google Ad based on those # tags and it links to the blog post.

If you think you can’t afford this option. Think again! My ads are set to $1 a day, some are $5 a day and run at very specific times, days and keywords are locked in for click price. You’ll want to monitor this yourself as Google will give you alerts to help your ads work the best.

5. Now, that landing page is specific to the entire # tag of this series.

Tags help the internet bots sort your content. Then people online that are interested in those hashtags just might find your post generically as well. Idea is Google is indexing your website – if it’s setup correctly. There are a lot of other things you need to make sure are correct in regard to your website. Especially speed, it’s really important.

Customized Automated Sales Bot

6. A custom bot is created like you see on this page as it’s there interacting with you!

Sometimes, not all the time but people will interact with it for a few moments and walla a new lead is sent to your email or even both to your app on your phone. Depends on how you setup the automated social media bot.

7. It will email me providing details or alert me on the app.

Or if I’m not too busy I can jump into the chat and take over live. Since I’m a webmaster guru, I also wear a salesmen’s hat, support hat and at times a baseball cap! If you’d like to know more about Automated Social Media please use the bot to provide your contact details or give us a call, use the contact form. However, you want, it’s up to you.

Thank you!