When it comes to spreading the word about your website, whether through SEO, marketing, PPC, or advertising, they all share a common thread that often goes unnoticed. It’s not about instant gratification or high expectations; it’s about longevity, or what we like to call the “long game.”

The problem often lies not in setting goals, but in the lack of planning. Think of it as taking baby steps before attempting that giant leap. Jump too high or too low, and you won’t make much of a splash in the vast ocean of the internet.

Now, let’s paint a vivid picture:

Imagine yourself sitting by the tranquil edge of a serene lake. On a small deck next to you rests a modest fishing boat. In your hand, you hold a handful of pebbles and small rocks. Start with the tiniest pebble and toss it into the water. Did the boat budge? Not even a bit.

Try a slightly larger rock. Same result. The boat remains unmoved, and the ripples from the rocks are hardly noticeable when compared to the boat’s size.

Why a boat, you ask?
It serves as a representation of the size of wave needed to create a significant impact.

Give the boat a little nudge with your foot. Did it move? Absolutely! The entire boat shifted, and waves rippled back from where you threw the rock. This is akin to sharing, word of mouth, likes, and other forms of engagement.

So, if you truly want to rock the boat, it’s going to take consistant and bigger waves.

Ok, wanna try that again?

Now you have even bigger bricks! You throw one in and it makes a big splash! Enormous waves! Did the boat move? No!

Why not?
Because they left early this morning for a fishing trip.

Ah, the target moved.

In the world of SEO, marketing, PPC, and advertising, your target audience can change. It’s essential to adapt your strategies and create waves where they’re most likely to make an impact. It’s not just about splashes; it’s about riding the right waves at the right time.