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Yes, indeed I’ve sold way more than $10 million not only for 1 company but for many companies. My best advise to you if your a new or existing affiliate of any company is to monitor your efforts. Your own ROI and manage your own checkout or someway of making sure YOUR getting paid for each and every single transaction going via your link or page etc..

Here's a little peek at the best emails ever :)
Sorry - per affiliate program terms we're not allowed
to show details so much is blacked out.

Well, in theory that works but in the real world. You will have a hard time finding the most perfect setup “out of the box” and if you did. Ahh, yeah please comment below.

Regardless, here are some of the affiliate teams we are participating with or for etc.. depends on the individual account as they are not all the same. Take your time, be prepared as it’s not just a click and go in most cases. If you have any questions let us know.

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Global applicants are welcomed to apply with us or any of our partners below.

VPS Dedicated Servers
Website Merchant System
WordPress Themes

Once an approved affiliate, you’re ready to start promoting and flipping some serious money based on how much you get yourself noticed. Just keep in mind, you’re representing other companies like a salesmen for example. You’re also opening the door to be notice for your efforts. One must stay withing the rules of the road, terms of service and understand what you are allowed to do and what is going to get you banned. This is for serious people, businesses and in some cases new hobbies for new adventurous entrepreneurs. I know, I was once one myself many decades ago at the age of seven and full of life. I was already mowing neighborhood yards for $0.50

We are of course humans and it’s easy to forget something when you get the horse behind the cart ideas and go live too fast. Mistakes happen, they are ok but keep them small it’s how you learn your own way. Also, rules or policies even terms of service change. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and anyone of the other services you may select to join. We’ll not spam you simply when we add something new, big news or recent blog post you’ll get a message. We do not allow advertisers in our newsletters and we do not believe in SPAM. Unsubscribe is easy link inside our newsletters.

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Snerdey was there when the internet started. Today he’s still creating hosting websites for clients. New comers to the web, startup businesses all need a helping hand now and then. Those who seek to expand their knowledge. Start a new adventure in the online world. Sure, lots is going to the androids with apps, programs and whatnot but to us we do our part to make you look good on whatever platform your visitor is using.