Lead Generation Bot

We just launched our own 1st Lead Generation Bot on our website and loving it! We’ve already experienced excellent results and got some great feedback. One of the best things is we can create a bot for each landing page! As well as contact forms and lots of other options. You’ve not seen anything like this, maybe close but we’re sure it is not as easy to use as this bot is!

It’s Online Now

Since you’ve arrived on this landing page please feel free to give our bot a test drive. You can interact with it until it’s ready for a human to take over.

The Bot Works For You

Best thing is that you do not need to have an operator sitting online. The lead generation bot will collect information for you such as project details, name, phone. Then it will notify you via email or the app on your phone. So if you’re able to visit with the client now you simply join the chat from your cell phone or computer.

Operator Dashboard

The dashboard is awesome! Lots of options and many choices to integrate with your website or app. Creating a new bot is simple, there are pre-made setups and you can also modify them to your specifications or create a custom bot!

Create New Bot


There is a Forever Free Plan but we highly recommend to upgrade as you get what you pay for. They do not have to be actual humans, they can be all your personalities err, I mean departments! There are many options to choose from depending on your company size but it’s also perfect for 1 man shows, small businesses too.

Test Drive

If you’d like to test drive the bot on your website, just let us know we’ll help you get setup asap!

Thank you,