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Let’s face it, times are changing and for those of you who are actually reading this article you most likely have been testing your websites using Google Speed Insights Tool. I highly advise that you consider optimized hosting. I salute you for advancing your knowledge even during these days of instant gratification and other things flying around in your own world.

So much of the web is actually surfed, viewed, watched and ordered online via an android device or cell phone. Mostly as people just do not have the time to spend a few moments “if your lucky” on your website via their cell phone or whatever.

Visitor Devices

To me it seems to be about 85% or more is initially viewed on a mobile device as so many people are on the go these days. Of course, there are the die-hard desktop users like myself out there but mostly it starts out as a mobile visit. Here are some interesting statistics via a report monitoring 2015 – 2023.

With this said, it’s absolutely vital that your website be responsive. It’s even more important that it open for the visitor within seconds. Actually mean less than 5 seconds. Keep in mind most of the humans just do not have time to wait for your huge photos, outdated code. Whatever it is that’s keeping your website from loading properly.

Ok, let’s say your website is optimized 100% and there is nothing left to optimize. Really? How about the hosting, is it fast?

Consider this..

You’ve either invested lots of weeks, days, money or somehow instantly gained a perfect website. Awesome! Just know this. If your website is to make you money, you need a very, very fast hosting server. Are you spending $100 a year for your website hosting? If so, I can already take an educated guess that your totally optimized website is not loading as fast as it could if it was properly hosted.

Don’t invest only in the website design, layout. You gotta have a fast hosting account to make it fast as possible. You should compare your expense on the hosting compared to your sales.

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