Yes, it’s true we here at are celebrating 15 years of service! Opened our doors online in 2004 and absolutely committed ourselves to success. Many have asked what’s the secret, there are no negative complaints online and lots and lots of long term as well as repeat clients.

Easy! We treat our clients like family. Honest, upfront and no hidden fee’s or surprises. At lease nothing on our side as at times the internet changes. It’s important to keep websites updated to the current suggested guidelines, speed test results, seo and avoid negative impact marketing such as spam and other blackhat practices.

Now for the good stuff..

It’s an HONOR to be listed as the #2 USA supplier of website templates via our affiliation with TemplateMonster. We’ve been with them since the beginning. Selling templates was and is not our main focus but it’s a cool unexpected side result of core services. Editing website templates, custom editing and website makeovers.

We’re also amazed to be the #4 supplier worldwide!

We invite your business to join our Snerdey family of happy clients!

It’s easy to do and we also make it very affordable to get what you want as well as what you need from a website. Startups are a good starting point for just about any project. We’d like to begin buy recommending our most popular offer. The Startup Business Website, it contains the most basic needs for any business website that seeks to be taken seriously. You not only have to impress your clients, you also have to impress bots! If you do not, well.. then you’re way behind the crowd.

Take a look for yourself at what we offer our clients on a daily basis.

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