Throttled marketing might be a phrase you may not have herd of before. In most cases, marketing is vital for a business to keep busy, but at times the increased leads can strain a department with a domino effect on other departments. Without this method any business can suffer if this is not kept in check!

What is Throttled Marketing?

Simply put, it’s controlling the marketing results in efforts not to overload a department. Most advertisements are for a day, week or month for example. They are activated and turned on full steam ahead for that duration. In boxes overflow, orders exceed abilities within and things start to break. Throttled marketing helps keep the flow smooth and without it you’ll miss out on many 1st impressions for new clients as they do not get what’s promised.

Why is it needed, what’s so important about this?

The number one thing would be avoiding refunds then social media reputation and YES it’s important for any size business to not just look at all the sales coming in. Recall in past someone you know or yourself ordered something from an online store or catalog.

Back in the day, long before internet we as a family would order something from a catalog. The information was it’s ready in 2 days and you know what? We did not have emails, had a party line phone at home and had to drive 45 miles to the store to pickup the item. It was always there as they kept their promise as they monitored KPI before they knew it was a measurable tool we use today :)

So what, I’m not perfect – nobody or business is!

If that’s your attitude, then you should not even be reading this. But, that’s just a little American humor. Seriously tho, think about it. When you go to the local pizza place for your favorite pizza. Have they ever told you .. sorry, we’re out of pizza come back tomorrow? No, I’m sure they did not but maybe a replacement ingredient for being out of olives possibly.

Be as perfect as you can be and improve the next day.

I can’t believe how many times I’ve wasted my time mentoring a team, department, leader or even an individual doing a simple job. Some were inbound sales, tickets or support and others were outgoing lead follow ups or service request. Companies, including mine monitor the team for CARE and how they interact with clients. Wasted time was trying to change someone that would not adapt to how the task was to be handled.

Remove distractions, maintain focus.

Too many cell phones, social media distractions impact those on the front line of your business. If your not monitoring their interactions you are most likely making a horrible mistake. Monitor everything but within reason, balance and understand why there is a negative KPI signal and retrain or adjust. Don’t ignore anything when it comes to business. Too many are focused on the money, if you’ll make sure each step of the process is being handled all the way though this will keep the clients happy and the bottom line business will grow. Throttled marketing helps you not to overwhelm your business, otherwise you’ll burn more than you make in the long run. You’ll also loose what you could have made using throttled marketing.

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