Great website expectations, what is wrong with my website? What makes your website better than mine? Why is it that I’m not gaining new clients from my website?

Let’s take a step away from the website and think this way.

Say you want to go to a poker party with friends and play for peanuts. There are some common things that are normally part of such gatherings.

Drinks, food, card table, chairs and of course a deck of cards. The deck of cards, that’s what we want to focus on. There are 52 cards suited and colored. Everything has a purpose, ranking and even grouped together to out rank others to win the hand.

What if that same deck was missing just 1 card? Could you still play poker without the queen of diamonds? No, you can not.. there really is no way you can do that. You can’t even take a card from another deck cause most likely it’s not the same color or really looks different than all the other cards.

Time is also important, nobody really wants to wait too long for anyone to decide what they are going to do. Raise, fold or check. Another thing is the time limit for the party as most need to return to their homes before 12:00 midnight for example or by sunrise.

The expectation from attending or throwing such a party is to have fun, enjoy and not have any drama or issues and possibly walk away at the end of the game with the most peanuts!

How in the world does this relate to a website?


One of the most common things to get clients to understand is that the new website should not be missing anything. It should not have your favorite colors unless it’s company logo or using the color wheel. It must be what the visitor expects from visiting such website. Everything they need to be able to meet your expectations. Everything they need to .. play poker. (get it?)

Do It Myself

Sure, save money.. spend one day or several weeks creating the website. Most likely it’s not how you want it to look. Typically online site builders have your hands tied. Not to mention your wallet every month. Even if they are flexible, blank or have all the options for whatever you need. It’s still a learning curve not to mention all the time it takes to make it complete and correct.

Flash Back

Way back in the beginning when I first started making websites for friends (14 years ago) I began to notice some common expectations.. MONEY they wanted the website to make their phones ring, bring in new clients or to sell something. This is the most common things most expect from a business website.

I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen 2GB photos, huge movies and mix mash colors and of course broken links, no real wording, no SEO and the website can not pass speed test and don’t even think about responsive and if it is, it’s not pretty.

I recall this one client. We completed the website for a lawn care business and everything was perfect. He called me the next afternoon saying .. there’s no visitors, nobody called – lol, sorry.. just, sometimes you can’t get people to understand something new. Even if you draw a picture or explain it 100 times.

Let’s bring this home..

You’re a business owner, not a webmaster.

You’re a receptionist, not a web guru.

You love a challenge, it’s nothing for you to do it yourself!

Ok.. so, just one question.

Does your website meet or exceed your expectations?

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Spend your money on marketing, advertising.. not on the website.

Be careful how you play poker.. you can loose all your peanuts and walk home empty handed at the end of the day.

Happy Holidays! ~Snerdey

PS – Not everyone is interested in what I have to say. I’m ok with that and I will continue to do things my way regardless. Otherwise, I’d be just the same as any other webmaster.

PPS – Writing this in hopes that it will raise an eyebrow, bring in an organic visitor from the web for my services for a new startup project. Since my expectations are low for this article, anything that comes from it will exceed my expectations :)

Comments, Sharing and Likes – yep, all are welcomed to participate!